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Jurisprudence - Nueva publicación de Hart Publish

Hart Publishing ofrece un nuevo espacio de Dicusión de la Filosofía del Derecho. La información de la Revista aquí.

Editors: SEAN COYLE, University College London - GEORGE PAVLAKOS, University of Antwerp and University of Glasgow.
Book Review Editor: DIMITRIOS KYRITSIS, University of Sheffield
Editorial Board: Stefano Bertea · Sylvie Delacroix · Katrin Flikschuh · Robin Hickey · Aileen Kavanagh · Emmanuel Melissaris ·Amanda Perreau-Saussine · Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco · Andreas Takis · Melanie Williams
Jurisprudence aims:
• to encourage research exploring the relation between questions in the philosophy of law and debates in related branches of philosophy, including but not limited to political philosophy, moral philosophy, the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of mind;
• to support study of the intellectual history of the philosophy of law, both for its own sake and in order to shed light on contemporary jurisprudential questions;
• to encourage careful research illuminating relations between jurisprudential questions and theoretical debates in anthropology, sociology, cultural and literary studies.
Call for contributions: If you wish to contribute an article or discuss ideas for future articles, please contact the editors (