Nuevo Journal - Teoría Jurídica Transnacional

Transnational Legal Theory, is now available.

The journal publishes high-quality theoretical scholarship that addresses transnational dimensions of law and legal dimensions of transnational activity. It explores how transnational forces and ideations affect debates within existing traditions or schools of legal thought. Similarly, the journal debates general theories about law in light of transnational contexts.

It also explores fresh understandings of international and comparative law. The journal has a special interest in the intersections of public international law, private international law and comparative law. Other areas of interest include the interaction of systems or orders along such axes as: constitutional law theory on the reception of various forms of external law by states' legal orders; jurisdictional theory on the external projection of states' legal orders; public law theory on the evolution of regional legal orders; panstate religious normativity; and the theorization of law as global.

Contents in the exciting inaugural issues include:

  • Pluralism in Postnational Risk Regulation: The Dispute over GMOs and Trade - Nico Krisch

  • Human Rights in the Emerging World Order - Joseph Raz

  • Local Rules and a Global Economy: An Economic Policy Perspective - Dan Danielsen

  • Global Legal Pluralism and 'Private' International Law - Paul Schiff Berman

  • Jus in Bello through the Lens of Individual Moral Responsibility: McMahan on Killing in War - David Lefkowitz

  • Human Rights qua Normative Practice: Sui Generis or Legal? - Samantha Besson

  • The Pursuit of a Worthwhile Life: Griffin on Human Rights - Terrance McConnell

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