CFP - Rolling Stones y Filosofía

Call for Abstracts: The Rolling Stones and Philosophy

Deadline: June 30, 2010

Open Court Popular Culture and Philosophy Series

Editors: Luke Dick & George Reisch

The Rolling Stones’ career has spanned nearly five decades,
garnering millions of fans and critical acclaim. Though their
stylistic genesis is rooted in the blues, they have established
themselves as an original fixture in American and world-wide pop
culture, and their fan base encompasses a diverse age and cultural

The editors encourage contributions from philosophers and
intellectuals in closely related fields that explore or connect to the
theme "A Lifetime of Rolling Stones,” that is, chapters built around
stories or analyses of growth or change---of individuals, ideologies,
philosophical theories, or cultures---that explore or reflect the
wisdom and wit in the 50-year career of the greatest rock and roll
band in the world.

Sample titles or topics we envision:

Wandering Spirit: Hegel and the Ghost of Rock and Roll
Heidegger: Painting Anxiety Black
Good, Old Satisfaction: It’s a Bitch at 66
Some Girls and the Second Sex
Dionysus visits Altamont
Keith and Gram: The Stones in Nashville
The Stones vs. The Beatles, Fifty Years later
Why the Stones Could Not Have Played Woodstock
How to Muddy the Waters of Copyrights: Ripping Versus Riffing
Brian Jones and Syd Barrett walk into a bar. . .
Liz Phair and Mick Jagger: An Imaginary Debate about the Real Meaning
of Exile
Waitin' on a Theory of Friendship: The Glimmer Twins Through the Years
A Philosopher Revisits 'The Rock and Roll Circus'
My Favorite Beatle was Brian Jones
Augustine’s "Sympathy for the Devil"
Let's Spend Some Censorship Together
Jagger vs. Rove: "Sweet Neo Con"
You and me killed the Kennedy's. Really?
Jagger, Richards, and the Meaning of Brotherly Love

Email abstracts and a c.v. to

Deadlines: Abstracts selected by June 30, 2010; First drafts due by
September 1, 2010; Final drafts due by Jan. 31, 2011.