CFP - Tatuajes y Filosofía, Me tatúo, luego existo

Tattoos: I Ink, Therefore I Am
(Philosophy for Everyone Series)

Robert Arp, Editor

Abstracts are sought for a new title in the Wiley-Blackwell series Philosophy for Everyone, under the general editorship of Fritz Allhoff. As with previous titles in the series—e.g., Wine & Philosophy, Beer & Philosophy, Food & Philosophy, Running & Philosophy—Tattoos: I Ink, Therefore I Am will integrate the insights of philosophers and interdisciplinary academics, but also those insights of tattoo artists, tattoo aficionados, and others. The abstracts and resulting selected papers should be written for an educated, but non-specialized, audience.

Possible topic areas and issues include, but are not limited, to:

Ethical Issues: Tattoos and self-indulgent behavior; Tattoos all over one's body and the idea of “too much”; Tattoos and short-term pleasure vs. long-term pain; Tattoos, pain, courage, and building character; Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, tattooed people, and the ethically challenged; Is there a correlation between the ethically challenged (criminals, gang members, etc.) and tattooing? Is there a correlation between tattoos and sexual looseness?

Social Issues: Tattooing as a sign of life transition or human rite of passage in a society; Tattooing, gangs, and sects; Tattoos, piercings, and counter-cultures; L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, and the social implications of reality shows; Tattoos as an expression of freedom; Tattooing for battle purposes; Tattoos and peer pressure

Philosophy of Mind / Psychological Issues: Tattoos, pain, and other mental states; Tattoos as a way of uniquely identifying a person; Tattoos, indelible marks, and permanent change to bodily personhood; Tattoos and living in the moment; Tattoos and self-expression; Tattoos, pleasure, and pain; Tattoos and regret later in life

Epistemological Issues: Tattoos as a form of expression of personal belief; Tattoos and the philosophy of communication; Tattoos and “I Ink, Therefore I Am”; Tattoos on the lower backs of hot chicks and male emotive responses; Tattoos and societal negative perceptions; Tattoos and negative feelings about oneself and one's body

Religion: Tattoos and the sacred; Tattooing for religious significance/spiritual purposes; Tattoos as an expression of the belief or disbelief in a god or gods; Tattooing in primitive religions

Aesthetics: Tattooing as an art form; Tattoos and the nature of beauty; Tattoos and art as subjective or objective

Logic: The tattooist's reasoning process; L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, and the fallacies utilized by its stars

Guidelines for Abstracts and Contributions:

• Abstract of paper (approximately 200-300 words) due by: August 1, 2010

• Accepted authors will receive notification by: September 1, 2010

• The submission deadline for accepted papers will be: December 15, 2010

• Final papers must be between 4000-4500 words and must be aimed at a general, educated audience.

Abstracts should be submitted electronically to Robert Arp at Other proposals for series titles also are welcome; please direct those to Fritz Allhoff at