Primer Número de Nueva Revista: "Jurisprudence"

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Reflexivity and the Idea of Law
NE Simmonds

Law and Language: How Words Mislead Us
Brian H Bix

Allan C Hutchinson

Raz’s The Morality of Freedom: Two Models of Authority
Margaret Martin

Blinded by the Light of Hohfeld: Hobbes’s Notion of Liberty
Eleanor Curran

Three reviews of Neil MacCormick’s ‘Law, State and Practical Reason’ series

MacCormick’s Jurisprudence Determined
James Lee

The Underlying Value of MacCormick’s Post-Positivism
Stefan Sciaraffa

Autonomy within the Limits of Sympathy: A Comment on
Neil MacCormick’s Practical Reason in Law and Morality
Cristobal Orrego

Book Reviews
Lilian Edwards and Charlotte Waelde (eds), Law and the Internet

Christopher Beat Graber and Mira Burri-Nenova (eds),
Governance of Digital Game Environments and Cultural Diversity:
Transdisciplinary Enquiries

Ian Blackshaw, Steve Cornelius and Robert Siekmann (eds),
TV Rights and Sport: Legal Aspects