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Congreso en Cartagena - Octubre 2011


Cincuenta Años del Concepto de Derecho

Reading ‘The Concept of Law’A special series of talks on ‘The Concept of Law’, commemorating the 50th anniversary of HLA Hart’s landmark work, was held over four consecutive Thursdays in May 2011.
Video recordings of most of the series are available to download:
‘Laws, Commands, and Orders’: Timothy Endicott on Chapter II
‘The Variety of Laws’: Richard Tur on Chapter III
‘Sovereign and Subject’: Pavlos Eleftheriadis on Chapter IV
‘Law as the Union of Primary and Secondary Rules’: John Gardner on Chapter V
‘The Foundations of a Legal System’: Grant Lamond on Chapter VI
‘Justice and Morality’: John Tasioulas on Chapter VIII
‘Laws and Morals’: Leslie Green on Chapter IX
‘International Law’: Jeremy Waldron on Chapter X
How Persistent are Hart’s ‘Persistent Questions’? A Panel on Chapter I of The Concept of Law
Frederick SchauerJohn FinnisPierluigi Chiassoni, and Nicola Lacey, followed by Q&A

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Observatorio Constitucional - Universidad de los Andes

Call for Applications | Master in Global Rule of Law & Constitutional

It is now official.  The Univerisity of Genoa has just opened the Call for Applications to our international Post-graduate Master Programme inGlobal Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy.

This semi residential programme requires a 4-week presence in Imperia (Italy) in January/February 2012 and is limited to a maximum of 25 students.

You will find more information (Aquí)

Recomendado para todos los que están buscando estudiar. 

Evento ASOFIDES (Cartagena - 2011)

El Evento de ASOFIDES 2011 será este año en Cartagena. Anexo la información y la convocatoria.

Congreso de Derecho Administrativo, de la Sergio