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Jurisprudence provides a forum for scholarly writing on the philosophy of law. While demanding the utmost intellectual honesty, clarity and scholarly rigour, its editorial policy is distinctively open-minded in relation to philosophical approach. A main purpose of the journal is to encourage scholarship which explores and transcends the categories and assumptions on which contemporary jurisprudential debates are conducted, and to stimulate reflection upon traditional questions concerning the nature of law, politics and society. The journal's unique reviews section will provide in-depth discussion and analysis of major developments in the field.Jurisprudence aims: " to encourage research exploring the relation between questions in the philosophy of law and debates in related branches of philosophy, including but not limited to political philosophy, moral philosophy, the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of mind; " to support study of the intellectual history of the philosophy of law, both for its own sake and in order to shed light on contemporary jurisprudential questions; " to encourage careful research illuminating relations between jurisprudential questions and theoretical debates in anthropology, sociology, cultural and literary studies. Replies and correspondence pieces will be generally discouraged, although may be acceptable if the intention is to deepen and extend an original line of thought, and not merely to reiterate or amplify an earlier argument.
Publisher: Hart Publishing
Volume 2, Number 2, December 2011
Natural Law Beyond Finnis 
pp. 293-308(16)
Author: Crowe, Jonathan
Three Comments on Joseph Raz's Conception of Normativity 
pp. 329-331(3)
Author: Pavlakos, George
Raz's Nexus 
pp. 333-351(19)
Author: Kolodny, Niko
Guided by Reasons: Raz on the Normative-Explanatory Nexus 
pp. 353-365(13)
Author: Heuer, Ulrike
Problems of Intellectualism: Raz on Reason and its Objects 
pp. 367-378(12)
Author: Lavin, Douglas
Subordination, Silencing, and Two Ideas of Illocution 
pp. 379-385(7)
Author: Hornsby, Jennifer
Against Langton's Illocutionary Treatment of Pornography 
pp. 387-401(15)
Author: Antony, Louise
Maker's Knowledge or Perpetuator's Ignorance 
pp. 403-408(6)
Author: Saul, Jennifer
Langton on Objectification and Autonomy-Denial 
pp. 409-415(7)
Author: Stoljar, Natalie
Finding Love in the Kingdom of Ends 
pp. 417-423(7)
Author: Wieland, Nellie
pp. 425-440(16)
Author: Langton, Rae
Marmor on the Arbitrariness of Constitutive Conventions 
pp. 441-449(9)
Authors: Arena, Federico José
The Role of Conventions in Law 
pp. 451-461(11)
Author: Smith, Dale
The Conventionality of Promising: A Defence 
pp. 463-492(30)
Author: Sheinman, Hanoch
Conventions Revisited: A Reply to Critics 
pp. 493-506(14)
Author: Marmor, Andrei
Conceptual Collisions 
pp. 507-519(13)
Author: Halpin, Andrew
Philosophy for International Lawyers 
pp. 521-528(8)
Author: Capps, Patrick
Reasonableness, thy Name is Nature 
pp. 529-545(17)
Authors: Rosler, Andrés
Coercion and the State 
pp. 547-559(13)
Author: Varden, Helga
Intentions, Blame, and Contractualism 
pp. 561-573(13)
Author: Suikkanen, Jussi