Top 5 - No. 1 - Mejores Ediciones de Filosofía del Derecho, 2011

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

Definitivamente, la mejor compilación de artículos de 2011 fue Brian Leiter y Leslie Green, Oxford Studies of Philosophy of Law, Oxford.

Aquí les dejo el contenido:

1. Reason-Giving and the Law , David Enoch
2. The Standard Picture and Its Discontents , Mark Greenberg
3. Legal Judgments as Plural Acceptance of Norms , Kevin Toh
4. Rule-Scepticism Restated , Riccardo Guastini
5. Can There be a Written Constitution? , John Gardner
6. The Rules of Trial, Political Morality and the Costs of Error: Or, Is Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Doing More Harm than Good? , Larry Laudan
7. Self-Defense: The Imminence Requirement , Marcia Baron
8. Criminal Law, Philosophy, and Psychology: Working At the Cross-roads ,Thomas Nadelhoffer