Global Communities – Transnational and Transdisciplinary Exchanges

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Call for papers

We now warmly invite senior and junior scholars as well as PhD students to submit paper proposals for the conference.
In the wake of globalization we have seen an increasing interest in the humanities and social sciences in the nature and function of human community on a global scale.
So far, however, questions about the past, present and future of global community have been broached sectorally within separate fields, with little exchange of ideas and knowledge between fields.
Global Communities – Transnational and Transdisciplinary Exchanges is a multidisciplinary research conference that seeks to improve this situation by allowing scholars in the humanities and social sciences to exchange ideas and perspectives on global forms of community and interaction.
The conference will feature keynote lectures by prominent scholars in the humanities and the social sciences, workshop sessions for paper discussion and a concluding round table.

We welcome papers from all fields and traditions in the humanities and social sciences. Papers may approach the conference theme theoretically or empirically, considering the past, present or future of global community. Papers may relate to, but should not be restricted by, the following general questions:
  • Are global communities a new phenomenon, or are there historical forms of global community to which we have hitherto been blind or blinded?
  • Should global communities be construed as visions and utopias, or as actually existing forms of human intercourse?
  • How are different forms of global community created, maintained and disseminated?
  • What kind of consequences might we expect from an intensified globalization of human intercourse in general?
Since the aim of the conference is to take stock of the state of the art internationally in different fields as well as to open for exchange across fields participants will be selected based on the quality and originality of the paper proposals, and with an eye to interdisciplinarity. Our aim is to publish the proceedings from the conference with a major university press.

Paper proposals

Paper proposals (about 300 words) should be sent to no later than May 15.
Decisions on paper proposals will be communicated no later than June 16.