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Dear Readers:

We are pleased to announce that today, on 1 June 2012, the June issue of the German Law Journal, Review of Developments in German, European and International Jurisprudence, is now available at Back to a publishing schedule which we maintained for the larger part of the Journal's decade-plus long existence, we are also faithful to tradition in another way. The contributions to the Journal continue to come from all over the world, they are frequently covering intriguing legal questions at the intersection of domestic and comparative law, transnational and international law and legal theory, and - most importantly - they are written by both emerging and highly established scholars alike. As such, the Journal remains 'young', despite its own and its longer-standing editors' inevitable ageing. So, that's a happy moment to mark and an important moment to reflect on the nature of scholarly publishing, collaboration, on the identification of issues and trends, on making a point, on unsettling the apple-cart and on engaging with others and with the developments around us. We are, thus, immensely grateful to our authors and to our editors, recently joined by a group of wonderfully bright and critically thinking scholars at earlier stages of their legal careers.

Please allow us, in that regard, to alert you to a new submission process for the Journal. The Journal welcomes the submission of articles, commentary, reviews and case-notes on subjects relevant to German, European and International Law. All new submissions ought to be sent to
As always, submissions will be presented to the editorial board for blind/peer-review.  We hope to be able to provide a publication decision within a few weeks after we receive a submission, but sometimes it takes a little longer.  The editors receive submissions with the understanding that the contents are original, unpublished material and have not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors intending to republish content, or to use previously published material as part of an article, must indicate this at the time of submission.  Thank you for your interest in theGerman Law Journal. 

So, with that note on housekeeping, written from Berlin, which is enjoying a breezy, refreshing summer day, what remains to be said, as usual:

Happy Reading!

Russell Miller & Peer Zumbansen
Editors in Chief
The Editors