20 años de 'Risks and Wrongs' de Jules Coleman

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (jorgefabraz@gmail.com)

Un interesantísimo evento en Girona, con la presencia de John Gardner (Oxford), Martín Hevia (Di Tella), Taschi Keren-Paz (Keele), Diego Papayannis (Girona) y Jules Coleman (New York):

Workshop: Tort law, morality and social justice. A celebration for the 20 years of Jules Coleman’s Risks and Wrongs.December 17th, and 18th 2012
John Gardner (Oxford University): “Corrective Justice, Corrected”
Martín Hevia (University Torcuato Di Tella): “Coleman on Gap-Filling and Default Rules”
Tsachi Keren-Paz (Keele University): “Risks and Wrongs’ Account of Corrective Justice in Tort Law: Too much or Too Little?”
Diego M. Papayannis (Universidad de Girona): “Corrective Justice, Well-being, and Responsibility”
Jules L. Coleman (New York University): replies and final lecture.