Conferencia: Orden y Desorden Mundial

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

Les comparto la Conferencia, “London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Though", en enero 31. 

Proposals for papers and panels may wish to consider some of the following themes:
• Global governance, cosmopolitanism and global citizenship
• International law and transnational institutions
• Global conflict, interventionism and pacifism
• Empire and colonialism
• Exploration, travel and global encounters
• Migration, multiculturalism and diversity
• Cartography and visual representations of the global
• Federalism and devolution
• Capitalism, markets and technology
• Global commons and environmentalism
• Religion, church and state
• Internationalism and radicalism
• Human rights discourses
• Transnational social movements
We invite proposals from a diversity of fields that deal with the themes of global order and disorder in a historical perspective, including the history of political thought, political theory, geography, anthropology, international relations, philosophy, literary studies, classics and other related fields. Participants will have the opportunity to publish their papers in our online, peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought.
To submit a paper, please email a CV and proposal of max. 500 words for presentations of approximately 20 minutes to Panel proposals will also be accepted.