John Finnis sobre Igualdad y Diferencia

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

John Finnis ha publicado en SSRN una conferencia sobre Igualdad y Diferencia. El texto disponible  Aquí.

Equality and Differences

John Finnis

University of Oxford - Faculty of Law; Notre Dame Law School

November 25, 2012

The H.L.A. Hart Memorial Lecture in the University of Oxford, June 2011
Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper No. 72/2012

This revised and annotated version of the H.L.A. Hart Memorial lecture in the University of Oxford in June 2011 has some significant differences in coverage from the essay of the same title published in the American Journal of Jurisprudence 56 (2011) 17-44, including a brief discussion of Waldron’s treatment of basic equality and Cohen’s 'luck-egalitarianism'. The general theme is that neglect of inequalities and of preconditions for sustainable common good tends to ensure that legal measures promoting equality rights and condemning discrimination yield serious injustices (violations of rights).