Conferencia sobre la Presunción de Inocencia

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Bi-annual International Conference of
Friday 29 & Saturday 30 November 2013
VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1.6.2013
Further information:

The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy is pleased to announce its bi-annual international conference on legal philosophy and legal theory. The conference theme is the presumption of innocence.
         The presumption of innocence is considered to be a fundamental and inviolable principle of criminal law. Over the past decades, however, the emphasis on the rights of suspect and defendant has given way to a more one-sided instrumental view of criminal law as a means to reduce risk and attain safety. This instrumental view puts fundamental principles such as nulla poena, ne bis in idem, nemo tenetur, in dubio pro reo, nullum crimen sine culpa, as well as the presumption of innocence under pressure.
One can think, for example, of recent Acts on Terrorism that do not require suspicion but merely indications of a terrorist crime, thereby lowering the level of suspicion required for investigative activities; of the verdict of the ECtHR in Salabiaku v. France where the ECtHR allows for a reversal of the burden of proof in the trial phase; and of the possibility of review after wrongful acquittals in the post-trial phase.
In another respect, however, the presumption of innocence, or at least evidentiary requirements, has been strengthened over the last two decades. Partly as a reaction to serious miscarriages of justice, research has been done with a focus on, among others, Bayesian statistics and argumentation theory. The aim of this research is to strengthen the analysis of the evidence and therewith the motivation of judgements.
Papers are welcomed on the presumption of innocence and papers related to the topics mentioned. 

Researchers interested in presenting a paper at the conference are asked to submit an abstract of 400 words and a short cv.
Researchers interested in organising a 1,5 hour workshop on a specific theme are asked to submit an abstract of 800 words explicating the theme and the papers and a list of three speakers plus cv.
Send your submissions before 1.6.2013 to:
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Important data
Submission of abstracts before: 1.6.2013
Notification of acceptance: 15.7.2013
Conference registration before: 1.10.2013
Conference: Friday 29 and Saturday 30.11.2013

Conference fee
The fee for the conference is €150. The fee for PhD students and for subscribers of NJLP (including members of the VWR) is €100. The fee includes coffee, lunch and tea on Friday and Saturday and the special issue of the NJLP (2013-3) on the presumption of innocence with articles of all keynote speakers. Travelling expenses and accommodation costs are not included.

VU University is conveniently located at 20 (public transport) minutes from Schiphol International Airport, 10 minutes from train station Amsterdam South and 10 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam.

Possible topics
Innocence in the pre-trial phase
The level of suspicion required for investigative acts
Pre-trial detention and bail
Innocence in the trial phase
Reversal of the burden of proof
Presumptions of fact or law
Execution of punishment during a pending appeal
Innocence in the post-trial phase
Review after wrongful acquittals
Indefinite punishments and treatment measures
Innocence and substantive law
From culpability to substantive strict liability?
The administrative/civil handling of traditional criminal offences
Innocence and evidence
Truth in criminal trial
Beyond reasonable doubt: can Bayes help us?
The role of alternative scenario’s
Innocence, communication and reputation
         What can be said by whom to and about suspect and defendant?
         Distinguishing honourable-neutral-dishonourable acquittals


Keynote speakers (confirmed)
Antony Duff (University of Minnesota Law School, University of Stirling)
Alwin van Dijk (University of Groningen)
Lonneke Stevens (VU University Amsterdam)
Magnus Ulväng (University of Uppsala)
Thomas Weigend (University of Cologne)

Friday 29 November
Morning session: keynote lectures on the presumption of innocence
Afternoon session: parallel workshops

Saturday 30 November
Morning session: keynote lectures on the presumption of innocence
Afternoon session: parallel workshops

Organizing committee
Anne Ruth Mackor (University of Groningen, member of the editorial board NJLP, editor of the special issue on the presumption of innocence)
Vincent Geeraets (VU University Amsterdam, co-editor of the special issue on the presumption of innocence)
Alwin van Dijk (University of Groningen)