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Call for Papers
The Human Rights Age Journal
The Human Rights Age Journal is a new scientific journal of international relevance, published in English, peer-reviewed and open-access, containing papers concerning Human Rights from different approaches. This Journal is edited in the framework of the Research Program “The Age of Rights”, composed by about one hundred researchers belonging to some of the most important human rights research groups in Spain (more information can be obtained in the web:
This program aims to analyze integrally the reality of human rights in contemporary societies by identifying the main challenges and problems they face today, or may face in the future, and to propose possible solutions leading to the establishment of an international rule of law. Our aim, in short, is to contribute, through the scientific reflection, to make the 21st century, eventually, the age of rights.
Among the members of the Scientific Board are such relevant scholars as Robert Alexy, Joana Abrisketa, Kai Ambos, Reiner Arnold, Fareda Banda, Martha N. Bello Albarracín, Emmanuel Décaux, Elías Díaz, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Todd Landman, Massimo La Torre, Mario Losano, Javier de Lucas, Susan Millns, Ramon Paniagua, Antonio E. Pérez Luño, Philip Pettit, or Richard Wilson.
Submission instructions:
The HRA Journal strongly recommends articles under 20,000 words in length including text and footnotes. Articles exceeding 25,000 words will not be published except in extraordinary circumstances.
•         Book Reviews submissions will contain fewer than 10,000 words, including footnotes.
•         Submissions should include a short abstract that summarizes the main arguments and contributions of the article, as well as some key words (3-7)
•         The HRA Journal also strongly encourages the authors to use The Harvard System of referencing 
Submission deadline: May 1st 2013
You can send your contributions to