Leslie Green sobre Matrimonio Neutral al Sexo

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (jorgefabraz@gmail.com)

Leslie Green, en una entrevista sobre matrimonio neutral al sexo. Aquí.

Además, vease, Sex Neutral Marriage, Current Legal Problems, Volume 64 (2011), pp. 1–21 del mismo autor.

A different-sex marriage need not be a marriage between heterosexuals,
and a same-sex marriage need not be a marriage between homosexuals.
This shows how little the law of marriage cares about the sexuality of
parties to a marriage; it does not show that sex-restricted marriage laws do not
discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation. They do. Neither does the law
care much about sex, let alone possibly procreative sex, within marriage. The
voidability of a different-sex marriage on grounds of non-consummation does
not show otherwise. The formation of a valid marriage was always a matter of
consent, not coitus. But what should happen to the doctrine of nonconsummation
in a sex-neutral marriage regime? It is an anachronism that
should be abolished.