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Les presento un nuevo libro de Hart Publishing: Kelsen Revisited: New Essays on the Pure Theory of Law, editado por Luis Duarte d'Almedia, John Gardner y Leslie Green. Este como todos los libros de libros de Hart Publishing, tiene un descuento del 20% para los lectores del blog. Los interesados deben utilizar en código FDDBLOG en su compra. Las personas que orden desde Latino-América, deben tener ordenar como ROW (Rest of the World).

Kelsen RevisitedNew Essays on the Pure Theory of Law
Edited by Luís Duarte d'Almeida, John Gardner and Leslie Green Forty years after his death, Hans Kelsen (1881-1973) remains one of the most discussed and influential legal philosophers of our time. This collection of new essays takes Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law as a stimulus, aiming to move forward the debate on several central issues in contemporary jurisprudence. The essays in Part I address legal validity, the normativity of law, and Kelsen's famous but puzzling idea of a legal system's 'basic norm'. Part II engages with the difficult issues raised by the social realities of law and the actual practices of legal officials. Part III focuses on conceptual features of legal systems and the logical structure of legal norms. All the essays were written for this volume by internationally renowned scholars from seven countries. Also included, in English translation, is an important polemical essay by Kelsen himself.THE EDITORS
Luís Duarte d'Almeida is Chancellor's Fellow in Law at the University of Edinburgh.
John Gardner is Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford.
Leslie Green is Professor of the Philosophy of Law at the University of Oxford.
August 2013   298pp   Hardback   9781849464567  RSP: £50 / 65 / US$10020% DISCOUNT PRICE: £40 / €52 / US$80Order Online in the USIf you would like to place an order you can do so through the Hart Publishing website (link below). To receive the discount please mention reference ‘FDDBLOG’ in the special instructions field. Please note that the discount will not be shown on your order but will be applied when your order is processed.US: Online in the UK, EU and ROWIf you would like to place an order you can do so through the Hart Publishing website (link below). To receive the discount please type the reference ‘FDDBLOG’ in the discount code field and click ‘apply’.UK, EU and ROW: If you have any questions please contact Hart PublishingHart Publishing Ltd, 16C Worcester Place, Oxford, OX1 2JW, UK  Tel No: 01865 517530   Fax No: 01865 510710   E-mail:   Website:

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Acknowledgments v
Contributors ix
1 Introduction 1 
Luís Duarte d’Almeida, John Gardner and Leslie Green
2 Norm-claims, Validity and Self-reference 11 
Bert van Roermund
3 The Great Puzzle: Kelsen’s Basic Norm 43 
Stanley L Paulson
4 The Basic Norm Revisited 63 
Riccardo Guastini
5 The Efficacy of Constitutional Norms 77 
Pablo E Navarro
6 The Realist Hans Kelsen 101 
Uta Bindreiter
7 Wiener Realism 131 
Pierluigi Chiassoni
8 Kelsen and Hägerström: Clearing Up Misunderstandings and 163 
Mapping Out the Common Ground 
Jes Bjarup
9 A ‘Realistic’ Theory of Law and the Pure Theory of Law: Remarks 195 
on Alf Ross’s On Law and Justice 
Hans Kelsen

10 Kelsen on the Completeness and Consistency of Law 225 
Eugenio Bulygin
11 The Alternative Character of the Legal Norm: Kelsen as a 245 
Richard HS Tur
12 In Canonical Form: Kelsen’s Doctrine of the ‘Complete’ Legal Norm 259 
Luís Duarte d’Almeida

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