Latin American Politics - Between Law and Politics

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

Una interesante conferencia.

JULY 1. Welcome drinks (8:00pm). Venue: TBC

JULY 2. Conference (8:00am-19:30pm). Venue: TBC

8:00-9:00. Welcome/ Registration / Coffee
9:00/9:45. First Lecture: Hans Lindahl (Tilburg University). Constitutionalism and the Inclusion/Exclusion Problem. Chair:  TBC (Glasgow).
9:45/11:45. Panel 1: Theoretical Backgrounds and Institutional Design. Chair: TBC (Glasgow).
11:45/12:15. Coffee Break
12:15/13:15. Panel 2: Constitutional Transitions: History and New Challenges. Chair: Marco Goldoni (Glasgow)
13:15/14:15. Lunch.
14:15/15:00. Second Lecture: David Restrepo Amariles (Université Libre de Bruxelles). Transnational Legal Indicators and Constitutional Change in Latin America: The Missing Link of Law and Development? Chair: TBC (Glasgow).
15:00/17:00.  Panel 3: Legal Consistency and Social Adequacy of Constitutional AdjudicationChair: TBC (Glasgow)
17:00/17:30. Coffee Break
17:30/18:30. Panel 4. Inter-American Court of Human Rights and domestic courts in Latin-American: changeable entanglement.  Chair: TBC (Glasgow).
18:30/19:15. Third Lecture: Mariana Mota Prado (University of Toronto). Institutional Bypasses in Brazil: Overcoming Ex-Ante Resistance to Institutional Reforms.  Chair: Marcelo Neves (Brasilia).
19:15/19:30. Marcelo Neves. Final words.


The following are the guidelines we have considered for the presentations on the panels:
  • Every panel will be composed of a variable number of presenters and a chair.
  • Every participant will have strictly 15 minutes to present his or her work (the chair will act as time keeper).
  • After all the presentations a round of questions and comments will take place.
  • As time is tight, it is suggested that the presenters focus on the important aspects of their papers rather than contextual information.
  • Please inform us as soon as possible about any technical support you require.