CFP: Human Rights and Legal Pluralism

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

International conference on "Human Rights and Legal Pluralism in Theory and Practice"

Organisers: the Human Rights and Diversity research group at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, and the Rights, Individuals, Culture and Society Research Centre (RICS), at the University of Oslo’s Faculty of Law
Invited experts include: Prof. Eva Brems (University of Ghent), Prof. Anne Griffiths (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Titia Loenen (University of Leiden)
The objective of this conference is to identify, describe, and analyse practical issues regarding the interpretation and realisation of human rights in light of legal pluralism – the co-existence and interaction of various normative orders in the same social field. This requires an exploration of the role of actors, governance and power relations.
The organisers encourage participants from all fields to contribute with interdisciplinary, theoretical and/or empirical studies, addressing cross-cutting issues of gender, ethnicity, religion and/or culture.

Call for papers and conference information

Please read and feel free to circulate the call for papers and conference information document, which includes a background note.
The deadline for paper abstracts and panel suggestions is Friday 1st August 2014; submission of completed papers for circulation to participants is Friday 14th November 2014.
Contact the organisers via Prof. Maria Lundberg ( if you have any questions or comments.