Dos posiciones de Ph.D. en Amsterdan

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

Para Filosofía política:

Applications are invited for two PhD positions (3 years, fully funded) in the NWO-Top Program ‘The Democratic Challenge: Shifting Responsibility and Electoral Volatility’, which is a research program of VU University (Philosophy) and the University of Amsterdam (Politics).

Position 1: The Politics of Zigzag

Electoral volatility is often taken to be an indication of decreased political legitimacy. A pluralistic theory of democracy that views electoral volatility as a virtue was suggested by Robert Nozick (1989). The overall objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive theory of this politics of zigzag.

Project 2: Shifting Responsibilities and Accountability

The last few decades have seen a diminishment of the responsibilities of national politics. However,
public debates suggest that issues over which political control has decreased, still affect citizens’ evaluation of national politics. This project addresses the question of how the discrepancy between accountability and responsibility affects political legitimacy, in particular how it affects consent-accounts of legitimacy.

• An MA degree in philosophy or in political science (specialization: political theory)
• Excellent grades;
• Good writing skills;
• Enthusiasm for research;
• High level of proficiency in English.