Call for Presenters: Legal Theory Seminar Series 2016/17 (Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group)

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (

El Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Edimburgo está haciendo una llamada para presentaciones en su grupo de teoría jurídica. Están interesantes en escritos que relacionen la filosofía del derecho con otras áreas de la filosofía y filosofía jurídica en un contexto práctico. Los papers deben estar escritos en inglés.

Yo tuve el honor de participar en una de esas sesiones el año pasado y recomiendo ampliamente la participación. Edimburgo es uno de los mejores foros del mundo para discutir filosofía del derecho profesionalmente. Agradezco a Lucas Miotto (Organizador) y Sebastián Figueroa por compartirme esta información. Toda la información,
Following the success of last year’s call for presenters, the Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group (LTRG) has decided to open a new call for presenters for our 2016/17 seminar series and we have allocated a number of slots in for this purpose. We aim to attract quality scholarship which may not yet be well-known to the members of the group. We particularly welcome submissions relating legal philosophy with other areas of philosophy (e.g. ethics & metaethics, political philosophy, philosophy of language, metaphysics, epistemology) and papers engaging with legal theory in a practical context (e.g. legal interpretation/construction or legal reasoning & argumentation). Papers focusing primarily on historical, biographical or exegetical matters are not encouraged. We encourage applications from women, ethnic minorities, disabled scholars, and members of other under-represented groups.
The LTRG seminars are normally held fortnightly on Thursday afternoons. They are attended primarily by staff and research students from the Edinburgh School of Law, and frequently also by participants from other Schools of the University of Edinburgh (particularly Philosophy or Political Theory) as well as other academic institutions. Discussions are always informal and very lively.
If you’d like to give a paper as part of our 2016/17 Seminar Series, then please send – in the same file and in .doc or .docx format –  an abstract, no longer than 500 words and written in English, together with some brief biographical details to the Convenor of the LTRG (Lucas Miotto) at: Please specify the date(s) on which you would be able to present, and, if you are applying for more than one date, please list them in order of preference. The following dates in academic year 2016/17 are available:
2016: 6 October; 3 & 17 November;
2017: 25 January; 23 February; 23 March.
If you would like to present at a LTRG seminar but are not able to do so on any of these dates, please do get in touch; it may be possible to arrange an additional seminar outside these dates.
Successful applicants will be asked to send a draft paper two weeks in advance of the seminar so that it can be circulated among members of the LTRG. Our sessions typically last 105 minutes, and presentations should be kept as brief as possible (and no more than 30 minutes) to maximise the time for questions and discussion.  We ask that this time be used to give an overview of the paper.
We will try to offer one night’s accommodation in Edinburgh (if needed). However, since our funding is scarce and has not yet been secured, applicants are encouraged to arrange their own funding.
There is no formal deadline; however, we won’t consider any applications until 15th May 2016, and all applications received before that date will be considered together. Thereafter, any remaining slots will be allocated to successful applicants on a first-come-first served basis (details of the seminars, including any available slots, will be published on our website here). We will aim to let you know the outcome of your application by May 22th.
For more information, don’t hesitate in contacting Lucas Miotto at