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Nuevo Libro: Law in Theory and History, New Essays on a Neglected Dialogue (20% de descuento)

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (jorgefabraz@gmail.com)

Hart Publishing nos comunica la publicacion de Law in Theory and History editado por Maks del Mar (quien recientemente nos acompañó en Cartagena, y Michael Lubban (LSE). Les dejo más información del libro. Pueden acceder al descuento con el codigo CV7 al momento de pagar. Recomendado.

Law in Theory and History New Essays on a Neglected Dialogue Edited by Maksymilian Del Mar and Michael Lobban
This collection of original essays brings together leading legal historians and theorists to explore the oft-neglected but important relationship between these two discplines. Legal historians have often been sceptical of theory. The methodology which informs their own work is often said to be an empirical one, of gathering information from the archives and presenting it in a narrative form. The narrative produced by history is often said to be provisional, insofar as further research in the archives might falsify present understandings and demand r…