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Dos nuevos libros de Hart Publishing (20% de descuento): Democracy and Ontology - The Idea of a Pure Theory of Law

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (jorgefabraz@gmail.com)

Hart Publishing nos comparte la reciente publicación de dos interesantes libros sobre la teoría del derecho: El primero sobre de Rosenthal Democracia y Ontology, y el segundo, de Kletzer, sobre The idea of a Pure Theory of Law. Como siempre, 20% con el Codigo CV7 al momento de pagar.

Democracy and Ontology Agonism between Political Liberalism, Foucault and Psychoanalysis Irena Rosenthal
This book investigates the relationship between liberal democracies and ontology, that is, philosophical claims about the constitution of agents and the social world. Many philosophers argue that ontology needs to be avoided in political and legal philosophy. In fact, political liberalism, a highly influential paradigm founded by the philosopher John Rawls, makes the avoidance of ontology a core ambition of its ‘political, non-metaphysical’ programme. In contrast to political liberalism, this book argue…

Nuevo Libro Hart Publishing: Josef Hien and Christian Joerge (eds.) Ordoliberalism, Law and the Rule of Economics [20% discount]

Por Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (jorgefabraz@gmail.com)

Les comparto un nuevo libro de Hart publishing:Josef Hien and Christian Joerge (eds.) Ordoliberalism, Law and the Rule of Economics, un interesante libro que seguramente es de interes de todos los interesados en la teoria del derecho transnacional. Como siempre, hay un 20% de descuento si se utiliza el código CV7.

Ordoliberalism, Law and the Rule of Economics Edited by Josef Hien and Christian Joerges
Ordoliberalism is a theoretical and cultural tradition of signifi cant societal and political impact in post-war Germany. For a long time the theory was only known outside Germany by a handful of experts, but ordoliberalism has now moved centre stageafter the advent of the financial crisis, and has become widely perceived as the ideational source of Germany’s crisis politics.
In this collection, the contributors engage in a multi-faceted exploration of the conceptual history of ordoliberalism, the …